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My Bio

Agamoto the Mystic. A mage that adheres to no one faith. Rather he follows all faiths believing in the Balance of all things. Ht. 5' 7" eyes, glow faintly, deep blue He is dressed in the garb traditional to the Shinobi (all in black of course) He is skilled in the use of the Katana, wakisashi, daiku, kama, bo, shuriken, and most especially the manriki gusari. (My spelling may be quit off here so please bear with me) Background history: Moto's parents are: father, Shen-du a fire warrior and mother, Katrrina a water priestess. His parents were shunned by there peers because of there love for one another and so chose to live quietly in the territory of life forsaking all faiths as being short sighted and false. Agamoto learned his skill in fighting from his father but only had minimal aptitude in that discipline. He found that he had great skill in magic (especially teleportive spells) and when he had learned all that his mother could teach him he set of to learn all he could from other mages. During his travels he came to realize that though each faith was a bit preoccupied by there own dogma all were true and that a balance was needed for Urak to survive. Even Death had it place in existence. As he matured he saw that if any one faith were to gain supremacy (or be annialated) the balance of nature would be upset and all would be lost. So he swore to uphold the balance of nature.

My Occupation

Mage(wild mage)

My Hobbies

learning new spells and dumping REALY cold water on annoing people.

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